February 12, 2013

Earrings collection!

February 12, 2013
Hello ladies! 

Today, slightly different post, not beauty but fashion related. All about my earrings!
Funny, I know. Who wants to see my earrings, and why do I write post like this? Well, some of my readers and FB followers asked me about my earrings, and where do I buy them, so this will be a short blogpost about my earrings and why do I collect them!

So, I don't have that much, and the ones I collect are stud earrings. I accumulate a bunch of stud earrings on different sales and discounts. Recently, I fell in love with chandelier earrings and started to collect them instead. If you're interested in some of my stud earrings visit my blog post HERE!

Love this earrings. I bought them last year on some cheap booth for only 2 dollars. In love with them! Can't wait spring and maxi dresses to wear this ones.

Next are hoop earrings! They are traditional earrings in every jewelry box! I have some old ones ( first picture ) and some newer hoops! I buy them in local drugstore ( DM ) or Accessories store! I love wearing them during summer! 

My (current) very favorites are - Chandelier earrings! Love them! I'll try to collect a lot of them, but for now this is my small collection! The blue ones above, I bought last year on eBay, for 2 dollars. Love them! 

These were around 10 dollars in Accessories. Very light weighted and simple, but yet so gorgeous!

Also from Accessorize. Bought on sale for 3 dollars. Love them!

These are my favorite earrings! Bought them in Tally Weijl last year for 20 dollars. I love them so much but have never wore them! I'm waiting for perfect occasion so I can wear them. Love them!

These are some of my stud earrings that I wear on daily bases. Love them! I have more, but these ones are my favorites! 

And last but not least.... Expensive earrings!

This is something that I will cherish with all my heart my whole life! Got this for special occasions : my birthday ( right ) and 2nd anniversary ( left ) from my boyfriend. I love having them in safe place, and wore them when I have important event or meeting. These ones are priceless!

Love you all!


  1. krasote, one za koje još uvijek čekaš savršenu priliku su zbilja savršene, jaaaaaaako elegantne :D

  2. Divne suuu. Chandelier su odlične! I ja ih volim. Drago mi je što znam da nisam jedini ovisnik o naušnicama. :D

  3. mi smo kompletno drugačije, ja volim skroz jednostavne i samo one male :)

    1. Uh, ma to još bolje, imale bi više tema i iskustva za razmjenu :)

  4. Joj kak ja volim ovakve postove :D Krasne naušnice imaš, a one stuf s leopard uzorkom sam gledala na ebayu, baš su slatke!

  5. divne su,al prve su me osvojile čim sam ih ugledala! s obzirom da se ja isto bavim ponajvise nakitom mozda bi ti se i moje svidjele. ove iz accessorize su najsličnije onom što radim a planiram i neke novije oblike

  6. predivne naušnice predivan blog pliz posjeti moj blog i slijedi me natrag ako ti se sviđa također i na fb i bloglovinu


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