October 7, 2012

Monthly Favorites : September!

October 7, 2012
Hello girls!

It's time for monthly favorites! YAAY! 
I didn't used a lot of products during this Summer, so I haven't been updating blog that often. But I have some new favorites this past month, so lets get in to them! 

Let's go!

1. Rosal hand cream -  I haven't been using hand cream whole summer because my body lotion did pretty good job, but it's getting colder and wind is becoming everyday "accessorize" so I simply need something moisturizing and oily for my hands. I hate when cream absorb quickly and leave hands dry. This one helped me so far! Love it! And it's so cheap, got mine in local drugstore!

2. Essence lip liner in Red Blush 08 -  My new favorite fall lip product. I couldn't find perfect burgundy lipstick, so I've ended up picking this lip liner by Essence and couldn't believe how creamy it is! It glides on smooth and stays up long time. Pretty cheap for such a good stuff!

3.  Maybelline The Eraser Eye concealer - Okay, I can't believe that I've waited so long to buy this amazing product! It's creamy, long lasting and perfect coverage. Soon full review! Love it!

4. Essence stay all day eyeshadow - Another Essence product, I must say I'm impressed! I've never would have bought it, but I've been watching laurenbeautyy on Youtube, love it btw, and she was loving this product herself. So I've bought it and simply fell in love with it! Soon, I'll write full review!

5.  Maybelline Great lash mascara - Love it! Wand is pretty stupid, kinda hate it, but then again, absolutely love it! I thought I picked up the other Great lash mascara, but I've picked this one up by mistake. It's okay and I love it, but I will try the other one too!

6. Melem - best lip balm ever!  Lot of you guys hate the smell of this balm, but I've used to it. I know it's therapeutic and medicinal so I love using it. I hate chopped and dry lips so this helped me a lot during whole summer and I will use it during fall and winter!  It's pretty expensive for a balm so I kinda recommend regular lot cheaper lip balm.

7. Urban Decay primer potion - Simply love it! Helped me a lot during hot summer nights! I recommend this product always! Worth every penny! Soon, I'll make primer comparison.

8. NYX round lipstick in Paris -  favorite lipstick of all time. Color is amazing, screams my name. I've been wearing this lip color whole month long. Gonna buy myself another one.

Tell me your favorite products - let's talk :)



  1. Neka ti ponovno nama postaš :)
    Moji favoriti će za koji dan na blog.. Ovaj nyx ruž je fantastičan. Prema ovom puderu sam skeptična, ne volim ove koji imaju gore spužvicu :D

  2. Falili su mi tvoji postovi! <3 Meni je ovaj Maybelline korektor odličan, stvarno vrijedi svake lipe! Također i za Melem, samo što mi ne valja ovaj u sticku, bolji mi je u kutijici. I primer, odličan. :D Nyx ruž planiram nabaviti već 100 god, morat ću napokon. :) Mogu te pitati, gdje slikaš stvarčice? Imaš onu bijelu kutiju ili? Super su ti slike! :D Lexie

  3. awn great review thanks dear! I am very interested at the foundation & the mascara, these infos are precious, :)!
    bisous x

  4. Jedva čekam recenziju Maybelline korektora :)


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