February 26, 2012

Pantene Pro-V Time Therapy Mist!

February 26, 2012
Hey girls!
I won't even bother to tell you where have I been, because you all can guess it!
So, break is over, new school semester is starting and I feel fresh for new beginning!

Today on the menu is... Review.

I color my hair for 7 years now, and my hair thinned during the years a lot, even though my hair is naturally thin whatsoever. And I've noticed that even mask or conditioner is not working for me, because after using really nurturing mask, my hair still felt sharp and looked like broom (LOL). 
So I went to my local drugstore and find myself Pantene Pro-V Therapy Mist or spray, that you should supposed to leave over night. It's leave-in balsam. 
It is part of Pantene restorative range ( gold and green packaging). Product comes in plastic bottle with 150 ml - and I can say that's a lot product, and it would last you forever. Spray bottle helps you control how much product you want so you don't waste it. 
I was skeptical in the beginning, because my hair is thin, so I thought it would make my hair look greasy.
But, because of the good price and previous great experience with Pantene products, I gave it a shot.
And...It works wonders!
It's lightweight and it supposed to  reduce moisture loss and protect against future damage. It's like, one product for all the problems. And it wont affect on your dyed hair! In fact, this product can only do good for dyed and natural hair.
How to use:  After washing your hair, while is still damp or even dry, spray it  evenly on roots and rest of the hair, massage shortly, and brush it! It says to spray it before going to bed, but I use it after any hair wash, and it dries out looking shinny and silky smooth. After using it for a year now, I can say that this product gave life and health to my hair.
I really recommend this product. It's lightweight product, doesn't gives you greasy results like some of leave-in products can do, it smells nice, the price is acceptable and it works wonders. I would repurchase this product.

Final summation:  5/5

Btw: I'm selling my camera, so I wont have any pictures some time. I'll improvise! XOXO


  1. thank you so much for the comment miss! that's SO sweet of you to say! honestly, this fast isn't about losing weight (but i'd like to of course) it's more about rebooting my system and clearing out all the bad toxins i've got in there! take a peek at the film "fat, sick, and nearly dead" - it's what inspired me to give this a go! <3

    and your sister is crazy because i promise you i am not perfect! <33

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sounds like a great product!
    Love your blog!
    Now following!!!

    The Urban Umbrella

  4. prvo da ti se zahvalim na predibnom komentaru koji me baš obradovao..ako ikad budeš dolazila ili prolazila bar kroz Tuzlu obavezno se javi! :D Baš mi se skoro potrošio regenerator i trebala sam danas novi kupiti ali nisam stigla ..i sad mi je drago što nisam jer ću ovaj uzeti! I ja imam tanku kosu ..koju farbam pa ću baš da probam!

  5. super proizvod! lajkam te na facebooku i pratim preko gfc-a! xx

  6. inače koristim Pantene Pro-V proizvode, ponajviše Color Therapy liniju budući imam bojanu, oštećenu kosu kojoj treba dubinska regeneracija :)
    Odlična mi je i njihova aqua light kolekcija, jer mi je nakon pranja kosa lijepa, sjajna, lagana i lepršava

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