December 15, 2011

Christmas: Gift Ideas - episode 1

December 15, 2011
Hello lovelies!  
We all know that Christmas is almost here, so we're browsing through malls every day just to find perfect gifts. Well, at least that's my case. 
I know that is hard to buy perfect present for someone, because you have to know that person very well to buy them something they really wanted or really like. 
I already know what to buy for my loved ones. I listen to their wishes all year long and memorized everything until their birthdays or Christmas breaks arrive. 

I was browsing through the websites and found some cute clothing / accessories  items that could be a perfect gift. And that are on my Christmas wish list for some time. :)
Soon I'll put my other Gift Ideas episodes. 

Here are my picks!

1. I know that a lot of girls like purses / bags. So I've added this wonderful cream handbag that I like so much. You can wear it like a hand bag or with a strap on your shoulder. Love it! It's from
2. Gloves. Perfect and cute gift for her and him as well. Leather gloves will keep you warm all winter. These ones are from .
3. This pretty pink - lace infinity scarf. Great accessorize for cold winter days! Also from
4. Cute belted check shorts will go great with warm leggings and booties on cold winter days! You can find them on

5. Gorgeous fuchsia envelope clutch bag is perfect for night out. Great present and very modern statement piece. There are oh so many clutches out there that I can't choose only one! This fliplock clutch is from
6. You can't go celebrating New Year's Eve if you don't have crystal chandelier earrings! I saw this ones in and fell in love with them. These are perfect "party" but also glamorous earrings. 
7. I know that a lot of people are bored with getting cardigans or sweaters for Christmas, but I really think if someone pick you out this nice cosy cardigan from wouldn't go wrong at all.
8. Gold watches are pretty popular right now. And it's perfect present that boys can get for their girlfriends or fiances or wife. Is more expensive and personal gift.
9. Two colored playsuit from with star belt would cheer every trendy girl out! It's so cute and stylish don't you think?!
10. Body con mini skirt featuring wavey stitching detail and elasticated waistband is nice present for your friend or sister. Love it!

11. This is the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen. It reminds me of Betsey Johnson's dress. I saw it in the other day and I was speechless. I love it! 
12. Cute rose gold metal watch from Always great for present.
13. These vintage jewel stud earrings are just perfect. .
14. And finally, this statement necklace. Love it. Simple but it gives you that classic feel. 

These are my first clothing / accessorize picks for Christmas presents. And also things that are on my wish-list. Sorry that is everything from tally-weijl or, I've stick to them because they're good inspiration. 
Hope you like it! 


  1. I made my boyfriend a scarf for Christmas :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Followed you back ;)
    I got gloves from my friends~! ^o^
    That dress looks so nice~! <3

  3. Wow all of that is lovely!:) love the watch!:) x

  4. Hey love thanks for the comment - now following you! :) follow me?

    Lovely blog!!


  5. I love collages like this they really inspire me to create and try new looks.!

    great post hun

  6. absolutely loving number 7 and 9
    for myself lol
    i am on broke side this year so not many people are getting gifts

  7. pretty blog girl! kep up the great posts!!

    Follow eachother?


  8. preslatka mi je ova haljinica, od boje do kroja, podsjeća me na razdoblje djetinjstva i Barbie igrica :D


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