October 21, 2011

Birthday Wishlist!

October 21, 2011
Hello my lovelies!
I've been kinda busy lately with school and moving in my new/old apartment with my boyfriend and sister, so wasn't updating as much, but I was here, reading your sweet comments and your entries for my Sigma Giveaway. Thank you so much for entering this giveaway! I wish everyone good luck, only 7 more days to enter!

It's my 21th birthday right at the corner, and I'm so excited!
My sweet dad asked me yesterday what I want for my birthday, and I was like, I don't like those kind of questions, because I want to be and act modest XD. He knows some of my wishes, but I hate to tell my wishes and actually know what they're gonna buy me. But it's always like that in the end! And it's fine by me, although the point of surprise is ruined, don't you think?! :)
My sister knows about this blogy thing, and she get an idea of what I like and want, so I think it's easy for her. Haha, I sound so greedy right now!
Let's get on my wish list, shall we!

Okay, this is not in order, but lets begin!
* Golden watch - I would like to get a cute gold watch ( it can be rose gold too ), it doesn't have to be by Michael Kors Angel watch, but something like that would melt my heart :)
* Urban Decay - Naked Palette! I want this thingy since it came out. But wasn't available to my country!
* M˙A˙C Studio Fix Concealer - this is my all time "I wanna" product!
* Blackberry Bold - I just love him! I think this is what are my parents gonna get me!
* Fashion / MakeUp Book - I'd like to have one in my collection. Personally, I would like Lauren Conrad book in my collection!
* LV Damier Zippy Wallet - I want this baby so much! I think I'm gonna buy it myself! I've already biding on eBay for one! Happy Birthday to me!

So, this is a wish list for my 21th birthday! I don't ask much, huh? Haha! I'll update after my birthday to see what I've got! Haha!


  1. Great wishlist! I think I half of those things would be on my birthday wishlist too, ha ha^^


  2. Great list, love everything!!!!! Love to have the Conrad's book!!!

  3. Yay, the 21st bday is so exciting!
    Love your wishlist.

  4. hope you have an great birthday (: loving the LV purse! (: ...

    CMPang x

  5. wonderful list, love the watch and the book:) have a nice week:)

  6. great list! I want Laurens book too!
    Thanks for stoping by!!

  7. I want a new phone: Nokia n9! :)

  8. The photos. The words. The whole blog. I love love love it!!
    Following ;)


  9. I read all 3 books by LC. They are good. I don't know if you got them yet. But they are a good read. They give you an idea behind reality shows


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