September 23, 2011

Say goodbye to the Summer!

September 23, 2011
So my darlings! Summer is over, but it's still hot and sunny here in Croatia! It's time for us ladies to pack our summer clothes away, and bring out some warm scarfs and light jackets! Can't wait for Fall colors to start mixing with our tan skin! Lovely!
I've been resting for the whole month now, of course with occasionally studying :/  I've had some exams left from July, that I've missed because of work! But, it's over now, and I can say hello to the new school year! :) Soon I'll move to my new/old apartment and that means organizing everything from the beginning!  Enough rambling, I stop by just to say I'm rested and moving on with this blog. I even made some new changes on the blogy, so I would like you guys to tell me what do you think about it! 
Do you like my new modest design? I like it for now, but I know I'll get bored with it soon! :D 

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  • I'm planing to do some giveaways soon. I've ordered couple of goodies for the beginning and can't wait for them to come.  
  • I would like to do some style posts but really have no ideas now. Maybe for the Fall. 
  • Also, I would like you guys to send me e-mails or comment what new I can do. Reviews or make up posts.
That's all for now! Just a quick update. Hope you are having nice day! Lots of love! <3 


  1. Presladak je dizajn, a sličica u postu još više. :)
    I ja jedva čekam jesen, duge rukave, nijesne smeđe i zagasite zelene, ah... :)

  2. The background of your blog is so pretty - love it!! xox

    Visit us soon!

  3. I think your new design is cute and girly.:D

    Yay for being rested and being ready for fall!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  4. Thanks for your sweet comment pretty girl! :) You live in Croatia...that is awesome! :) I am 1/4 Croatian! :)

  5. Love the picture so much!!!



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