March 19, 2011


March 19, 2011
Okay, so I've realized that I need to save a lot of money. And I mean, A LOT!
Gosh, I wish I could get a job! But It would be hard because I'm in relationship with school. I gotta study a lot, no joke!
I promised myself that I'm gonna save up some money and buy some goodies that caught my eyes while ago!

These are my absolute favorite! When I saw them I knew they'll be mine someday! But they're pretty expensive, around 32 € ( that's about 220 Croatian kuna, or 43 dollars).
I'll wait for sale, cos I gotta have them!

This will definitely be my next purchase! I've never owned a jacket like this. It's faux leather jacket, pretty short and perfect for spring or even fall! I love it! It was original about 43 € ( 350 Croatian kuna, or 67 American dollars) - It's pretty expensive, but sales are going around so I gotta have it!

Do you guys remember my post about perfect floral dress? Well, I think this is the one! It haven't arrived in Tally Weijl   yet, but soon as this love come I'll have my hands on her! It's about 26 € ( about 192 Croatian kuna, or 37 dollars)



  1. I need black biker leather jacket as well :)


  2. Oh, the dress.. I agree, it is perfect :)

  3. That dress is so pretty, would be a perfect summer dress :)

    Xoxo Christine


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