November 7, 2012

Monthly Favorites - October 2012

November 7, 2012
Hello everyone! 
How are you today?

I'm extremely happy, because November is my month! So, last Sunday was my birthday! I'm 22 years old, now and more happier than ever! Yesterday I saw Coca-Cola commercial with Santa Claus and snow and everything Christmasy! I love Christmas and can't wait December to come. But for now, I'm gonna enjoy every day of November with Christmasy commercial, wintery evenings and warm, sunny days! 

BUT, I didn't forget previous month, month of October either! 
Here are my favorites of this month!

As you can see, there's not much, but these ones made my life even more beautiful! :D

1.  Taft Instant Volume Powder - As you all know, my hair is fine and really thin, so I could use every volume of this planet. I do not like to tease my hair just because I'm too lazy to do that ever day, so instead I tried this powdery hairspray! I like it! I've been using it for a few months now and I like it a lot! If you want review and close up photos - let me know in comments or on my facebook page! 

2. Catrice liquid liner in black - Except of mascara, I have to have liner on my eyelids! And everyday is the same! Liner, mascara, concealer and chap stick! I always come back to Catrice liners because they're really good, they last long and they have best price ever!

3. Flormar powder - I like to set my foundation with nice powder. I can't afford expensive makeup just because I'm a full time student of two different schools, even if I want to. But I like using drugstore products until they hit the pan and re-purchase them because they're just awesome! Love this on by Flormar!

4. Flormar lipstick - I love Flormar cosmetics! LOVE THEM! Quality of their products are just amazing, and their lipstick have that vintage smell, love that! Super pigmented and nice range of colors!

5. Gold Claw bracelet - Love this item! My favorite of all! Don't you just love it?! And it was super cheap, too! 

6. Macadamia Nut oil - My favorite product of all time! I've got this super large bottle by Oshadhi for only 22 dolars! Love it! I use it for my hair, face and entire body!

That's all for now! Let me know what are your favorites for October! 
Be happy and love life :)



  1. Taftov puder mi je jednom stavlja frizerka kad sam bila na frizuri i sviđaa mi se jako :D drugi dan frizura bila ista, oduševljena sam. Mogla bi napisati i post o tome, ako ti nije problem :)
    Flormar kozmetiku još nisam probala, al mi se čini dosta ok :D
    Drago mi je da si se vratilaa <3

  2. I hope you had a great birthday! I'm excited about all things Christmasy right now. Loving everything, especially that lipstick!

  3. ooooo volumizing powder?!

  4. ruđ mi izgleda odlično, nisam njihove još probala.

  5. koja je ovo nijansa ruza? ovako na slici me na prvu podsjeca na essenceov all about cupcake,al me pati sto je jako kratkotrajan,pa me zanima jesu flormarovi ipak dugotrajniji?

  6. Imam istu narukvicu, u Aldu si ju kupila? :D Zanima me ovaj puder za volumen, iako sumnjam da bi na mojoj kosi nešto napravio pošto je teška i ništa joj ne pomaže. -.- Lexie

  7. Stalno pikiram taj puder ali nikako da ga kupim.Bilo bi vrijeme da si kupim Taftov puder.Moja je kosa kaos zaljepi mi se za glavu sto god radila s njom. Obozavam kad kosa ima volumen!! kissi kissi!!

  8. Sljedeci put se necu dvoumit oko kupovine flormar proizvoda :) Cim odem negdje gdje ih ima, kupit cu :)

  9. Look up my blog. I follow you ;)


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