October 28, 2012

Turquoise - makeup tutorial

October 28, 2012
Hello girls!

Neutrals are my favorite for everyday eye look, but I would like to show you that colors on your eyes are not scary, and you can wear them on daily bases. 
I created this super easy and fun eye makeup for you guys! So, let's begin!

For this tutorial I've used 88 color palette so every color you'll need it's in the palette and you don't have to use millions of different brand eyeshadow. 

Also I've used skin tone base from NYX for colors to stick and not to crease during the day, black liquid liner by Catrice and Maybelline mascara! 

Okay, let's get started!

1. Prime your eyes. As I said, I've used creamy base from NYX in Skin tone, just to even out my eyes with rest of the face and also for colors to stick and last all day!  You don't need a lot of this product, just tiny bit will do the work. 

2. After that, find brown eyeshadow in your palette, just a few shades darker than your skin tone and blend it trough your crease. It will give more definition to your crease and it will create base for easier blending rest of the colors. 

3. With a flat shader brush, apply turquoise eyeshadow all over your lid, not touching the crease. Apply as much as you want, I like mine to be more vibrant. You'll probably need to re-apply some of that colors later after the blending. Also, with smaller pencil brush, use the same color on your lower lash line. 

4. Blend it all together. With pointy brush, I personally use angled fluffy brush, place some white eyeshadow in inner corner and on the brow bone. Also, I ran some purple shadow trough my crease and blend it well. You don't have to use purple, you can use deep green. I liked the effect of purple with turquoise. 

5.  Lastly, apply winged eyeliner and some mascara and you're done. If you're not fan of winged eyeliner like myself, you can skip that step and apply just mascara and top and bottom lashes. And, you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial! Colors on our eyelids are fun and we don't need neutrals every day! Let's play with colors!
If you like my tutorial, please recreate this look and send me pictures on my e-mail ( or post it on my Facebook page!

Love you guys! 


  1. Odlično! Savršena ti je crta s tušem :)

  2. I usually am a neutrals girl as well, but this looks fun but not too too over the top! I love it!

  3. super blog :)
    super post :)
    pratim te :*

  4. Ove je predivno! Viiise ovakvih postova. ^^

  5. I love this look. Blue shadows look good on me, so I'll do this look on me.


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