September 6, 2011

August Favorites!

September 6, 2011
Hey girls!
So August is gone so quickly, and that means summer is almost over, it's time for school!!
( Well, not for me! My school / college it's starting second week of October. Party! )

I wanna do August Favorites, cause lately that's what I've been reading on your blogs and watching on YT channels! It's my first Favorites blog post so I hope you'll enjoy! :)

 ¤ First two brushes are from Abbamart  and they're the best. At first I was disappointed with how small flat top brush is, but when I tried it I was amazed. I love how it works! So good! And the smaller stippling brush is awesome for pigmented blushes or cream blushes as well. Love it! 
¤ Second are these two foundations that I mix together just because I'm tan now and they work pretty good together. One of them is from Essence in 30 Soft Sand and the other one by Catrice, I did a review so you can read it here
¤ Third is this awesome mascara from Avon! It's awesome, works super good! It makes your lashes longer and thicker. I use mascara only from Avon, I think that the quality is the best!
¤ Than this brow kit from Catrice as well. I love it. It has small compartment in the bottom with tweezers and small angled brush!  
¤ NYX eyeshadow base in Skin Tone. Love this product. It's smooth, and it covers all the veins and redness and works well in preventing creasing. Love it!
¤ NYX Concealer Jar - it's okay, but I've got a shade to light, so I use it under my eyes only.
¤ Angled brush from EcoTools I use for my brows with this Catrice brow kit! Love it!
¤ NYX Palette in Champagne & Caviar. It has awesome neutral colors and I love using this palette for everyday. It can be used from day neutral look to dramatic smokey night look! 
¤ NYX Cream blush in Rose Petal. Love it! 
¤ For my hair favorite product of this month is Pantene PRO-V Time Therapy and helped my hair a lot. Summer "tired" my hair but this product bring it back to life. Love it!
¤ Also, my all time favorite perfume is Rare Pearls by Avon. And I'm telling you guys, it's a must have!

Tell me your favorite products this past month!


  1. I LOVE NYX products! They are my all time favorites!

  2. meni se tu baš sve sviđa, naročito paletica ;-)

  3. Thanks girls!
    Nail crazy, jesi ju probala? Super je!

  4. Gledajuci slicicu skontala sam da mi treba ta cetka za nanosenje pudera/rumenila, ne znam kako se zove :) Imala sam je ranije al je nisam nikad koristila. Sad kad bih htjela nemam cc, ali kupicu je cim naletim :D

  5. hvala ti puno na komentaru, ja već pratim tvoj blog! mislim da ću i ja probati ovaj Pantene Time Therapy baš ga je dosta cura hvalilo.. i svakako naručiti nešto od ove ELF kozmetike.. :D

  6. great favorites !!! thanks for your sweet comment =)

  7. moram definitivno probati panten time therapy, već sam čula sve pohvale ali nekako uvijek ga zaboravim kupiti...moram početi zapisivati...

  8. Thanks for sharing your August favorites! I want to try the Time Therapy from Pantene.:D

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  9. i should try the NYX blush looks great! thanks for stopping by my blog!


  10. Nice post!


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