June 9, 2011

Update : Where have you been?

June 9, 2011
Hey girls! <3

I just stopped by quickly to write tini tiny post, update, whateva' !
All of you know that school is almost over, well, for some of you already is, so I've been so busy with studying, reading, writing & all that boring school stuff.
I'm not that happy with the results, BUT, summer is here and I really need vacation!

* I'm going to update my blog everyday now, but first I have to finish my blog design and all the stuff I have in mind.
* Also, I'll make PayPal account finally, since my bank card arrived, so I'll be shop online more, and I wish you guys write me in comment some of your favorite sites for online shopping! I'll be so happy :)
* I need more ideas for blog, so comment me about that as well and let me know what to change on my blog design.


I'm excited about the fact that this summer I'll be more active on saving abandon animals, finding them new home and feeding them.  
I don't know if you know this about me but I adore animals more than anything, and hate when see them suffer.  So I'll do my best to stop animal abusing as much as I can. Good luck to me! <3


So, anyways... This was my quick update on where have I been and what is next with my blog. 
I'll be working on design next couple of days so it might look silly or deformed. 

Also, follow me on TWITTER (click here)  so we can talk more there!
Love you guys! 




  1. Hi! That sounds like a good plan for the summer!:D

    You can always buy the bun twist online!;D The website I provided or ebay!

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Thanks :)

    I'll google it and find it somewhere :)


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