June 10, 2011

Review: Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation

June 10, 2011
Hello girls!

Today, I'll review one product that is my No.1 product this month!
As the title says, it's a review about my current favorite foundation,   Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation ( click here ) !

I don't have many expensive things but when it comes to right foundation it has to be perfect! I tried almost every foundation that Catrice has, and I can say they're okay, average coverage, it stays on pretty long, it doesn't melt and they're  not expensive at all. The price is amazing, around 5-10 €!

This foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle and a pump dispenser, so you can control how many product do you want, and you don't waste any product so it lasts you longer. Bottle is also a big plus, and that's something new with Catrice product, because I have other foundations that comes in plastic bottle and it doesn't look esthetically, Catrice in plastic bottle (click here) .
I like on a product to look attractive to it's buyer. After all, if product look good (not cheap packaging) , it's better quality! :)

Products name is explaining its main role - "for a perfect, retouched complexion", foundation stays on for 18 hours - but only if you prepare your face good. Especially when the weather is hot. I like to wear liquid foundation in every time of year, and I think this would be perfect for summer.

This foundation comes in 5 different shades  ( 010, 020, 030, 040, 050). I'm in 010 - Sand Beige, as always.
(flash of camera washed out the color of the sticker) .
Texture is so light, and creamy, but surprisingly gives you full coverage. It doesn't look cakey, or heavy when you apply it and set it with powder foundation.

"Thanks to light-reflecting pigments, it makes your complexion look smooth and radiant for up to 18 hours! The oil-free formula feels pleasantly light on your skin."

 (click for bigger picture to read ingredients)

 Flash of camera washed out the real color. It suits me perfectly.

So, to sum up, this foundation is perfect for me, and I'm gonna definitely buy it after I ran out of this one. The price is great and so as the shades. I'm giving 5 / 5 to this product!

Did you tried this foundation girls? Do you like it?

For more information go to !


  1. I love the packaging!! and it looks like a really nice foundation but I haven't heard of it till now!!.. maybe cuz i live in Canada?

    P.S. thank you soo much for following me ^^, I followed back hehe

  2. Thank you :)
    I don't know is it available in Canada, maybe in USA :)

  3. the product looks soo good~~~and i luv the bottle/pump packaging~~its much more cleaner, and less easy to get messy~~~~too bad we dont have this here in north american id love to try it out~~~im always on the look out for better foundation~~~

    luv from Canada

  4. Great review! Your blog is very cute :) Have a nice weekend!

  5. @Jessy - u can order it online :)

    @Vintage Makeup - Thank you very much girly :)

  6. this foundation looks so smooth and creamy! (: I've never heard of this brand but I will keep my eyes out for it!

  7. Looks like a nice product :) I haven't tried it but would love to. thanks for sharing <3

  8. The packaging looks nice! I don't have access to this brand so I haven't tried it. Follower #50 - congrats! :)

  9. Hi Melody - thanks for your comment! Cute blog by the way. I have never heard of this brand but i like the packaging! I only started using BB creams again in the last 6 months so can't give you a full insight on BB creams. Loads of korean brands produce BB creas but I prefer the Japanese brands because it works much better on my skin. Some of the popular korean brands are : skin food, the face shop, missha, skin 79. Right now there are loads of Japanese drugstores doing the same thing like KIss Me Heroine Make, Putty, etc. Sorry for not being much help >_<

  10. I have just bought it and also same shade it's amazing :)

  11. Hey I am fair medium complexion was wondering that will this shade suite me?
    following ur blog do follow back:

  12. Is this really light shade because every shades i found were really dark to me, i find only manhattan easy match make up in soft porcelain and maybelline affinitone in 09 opal rose?
    Great blog xoxo


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