June 18, 2011

Current Favorite: Pretty Little Liars

June 18, 2011
Hey girls!

I know I'm late on this, but here's just a quick update!
I've been watching Pretty Little Liars for two days now! I had to catch up for the episodes I've missed during school time!
I watched from beginning (again) to refresh my memory, and I'm currently obsessed with this TV series!
Love,love,loveeee them! <3 

I don't have favorite character, coz I'm changing my opinion all the time by watching new episode. I love them all :) They're so cute!

I've heard that books are even better, and I'll have that in mind, on my next trip to book store!
  (photo from Google/ edited by me)

Do you like Pretty Little Liars? Who's your favorite character!


  1. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars! Have you seen the first episode of the new season yet? So good! It's so hard to think of a favourite character, I think Spencer just tips it for me though, she's the most interesting for me. I love Aria's sense of style too.

  2. Hey Lydia, I haven't seen any new episodes of the new season yet, I'm not finished with the first season :D
    I'm slow I know!
    Oh, It's so hard to pick on of them :D
    I like Spencer to, but also Aria, Emily and Hanah :D I'm so crazy XD

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. So slow! You need to hurry up and watch the rest of it! I swear every episode gets better and better.

  4. @Melly - I'm glad :)

    @Lydia - I'm doing my best but I love it so much that I'm afraid I'm gonna watch it all before new episode comes out :D

  5. I love this show!! =)


  6. i wanna watch this :)

  7. @D.Sadie - <3

    @Reina - You should watch it definitely, you can find some online sites and watch it for free if they don't show it in your country

  8. I'm completely obsessed aswell! <3


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