May 29, 2011

Books won't read themselves!

May 29, 2011
Hey girls!

Sorry I'm not here all the time, but school is killing me! I have so much to do! Read, write, rewrite :D
So... I'll see you girls soon, as soon as my exams are finished!

I have one exam tomorrow, on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday! And next week also.
Good luck to you, my brain!



  1. Good luck on your exams!! Once you're done with those then you can blog 24/7. Haha.


  2. Uh, nije ni kod mene ništa bolje!

    Zadnja dva tjedna škole, a čini mi se da imam za učiti više nego tokom cijele godine xD

    Držim fige da sve dobro prođe :D


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